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Bless you for stopping by! I'm not much good talking about myself. I would rather my fiction do the talking, but you're here, so I'll give you a few tidbits.

Dragon with Books

When I was fourteen or so, I started jotting down ideas for stories and eventually began filling notebooks with narratives, even though the original plan was to become an archaeologist. But soon the stories took root too deeply. My interests gradually leaned away from the historical and toward the fantastical (those animated LOTR movies, Sleeping Beauty, and The Sword and the Stone being some of my earliest influences). Now I collect dragons, fairies, and swords, and write stories about bizarre magical worlds. I just can't help myself.

In 2009, I purchased LegendFire, an online critique community, that was two shakes away from vanishing into the ether. We are a flourishing community now, so when I'm taking breaks from writing throughout the day, I'm usually there, obliterating spambots and encouraging other writers to keep chasing their dream.

One never knows where this winding road through the literary forest may take me next. So stay tuned...

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Jade Woman

Though this writer values her privacy above even coffee and the scent of paper, you've come this far, so here are a couple of options for you to get in touch with me.

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Court Ellyn

Fiction Samples

Read samples of my published fiction at the links below:


Book 1: Blood of the Falcon, volumes 1 and 2

Book 2: Sword of the Falcon

Book 3: Sons of the Falcon

Book 4: Cry of the Falcon

Book 5: Fury of the Falcon, upcoming

Gatekeeper: The Memoir of Carah Swiftblade, upcoming


The Bone Harp

Swans of Westermere

Mists of Blackfen Bog

Resurrecting Janis

Fire Eater

The Witch of Mistletoe Lane

The Wall


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