Cate Crenshaw’s Diary: November 9 My brother is acting weird. He didn’t eat dinner even though Grandma made tacos. Tacos is his favorite cuz it’s beef instead of rabbit. Cody hates rabbit and we eat rabbit most nights. He just sat at the table looking all sick, like he wasContinue Reading

Now that it’s over, Jaelyn Pierce doesn’t remember what it was for. Word came yesterday. After twenty years of global war, accord. The word sounds like the punchline of a bad joke. Jaelyn has spent her best years aiming down the scope of an assault rifle, seeing red. For what?Continue Reading

(This story was first published by Theme of Absence, and is here reprinted in full. None of the text may be copied or reproduced without written permission by the author.) There is a chair and it is mine. I fill it while monitoring the sensors and scanners on this spinningContinue Reading

(This flash-length piece first appeared in freeze frame fiction, and is here reprinted in full. None of the text may be copied or reproduced without the written permission of author.) After it happened, we boarded the late train to Paris. Cities flashed past the window, Munich, Augsburg, Stuttgart, smears ofContinue Reading

The Falcons Saga, Book 5 (Spoiler Warning) Prologue In the dungeon beneath Tírandon’s towers, an ogre snarled. Small red eyes reflected the light of a single lamp. Bovine nostrils flared, sniffing the air, detecting the man who shared the darkness. Great iron chains bound the ogre’s arms and legs, coilingContinue Reading

IN THE SMALL HOURS, Sanjen stumbled from the House of Ambrosia, brazen as a boast. The sweet ecstasy of the honey clung to his mouth and laid a gossamer veil across his eyes. The stars danced, and the great Ring leered like a drunken smile across the sky. They sangContinue Reading

The Falcons Saga, Book 4 (Spoiler Warning) Chapter 1 Ruthan walked the walls of Tírandon to observe the nightmare of the siege. From atop the windswept Bastion that bore her mother’s name, she listened to snarls and roars rising up the towers. A perfumed kerchief guarded her nose against theContinue Reading

I remember best his eyes, staring from the tintype, full of malice. A fleeting expression to be so well captured by a slow exposure. The hatred must have become etched upon his face near the end, when he went into the lake with the curse in his mouth. But I’mContinue Reading

First Mage’s Log The Verdant Plane Day 8                                              The forest is beginning to unsettle me. We have been here such a short time, and already things are falling apart. Our reconnaissance team ran back to camp a day ahead of schedule, screaming like babes fleeing nightmares. Strange to see accomplishedContinue Reading

Listen, daddy. I’m only going to explain this one more time. Some people are Elvis impersonators. I was a Janis impersonator. I walked Janis, talked Janis, sang Janis. People came from all over the country to hear Janis wail in one club or another. Strange, why they do it. Nostalgia,Continue Reading

Every autumn, the clatter of leaves somersaulting along sidewalks reminds me of the October I met the witch. The small southern town of Saint Claire didn’t have a lot to boast about but the worst football team in the county, the annual watermelon festival, and Ag shows that brought theContinue Reading