The Falcons Saga, Book 3 (Spoiler Warning) CHAPTER 1 Blood trickled from Prince Arryk’s nose and into his mouth. A familiar taste. A familiar shame. He ducked a flying fist and doubled over with his arms wrapped around his head. He should have seen it coming, but he had daredContinue Reading

The cold fists of the floodwaters tugged at Angharad’s skirts. Twigs, leaves, and hawthorn petals gathered in swirling eddies. Her toes deep in the mud of a still pool, Angharad realized one of her shoes was missing. Her hands shook. She couldn’t make them stop. Her fingers held the memoryContinue Reading

The Falcons Saga, Book 2 (Spoiler Warning) Chapter 1 The eager young scout swiped tendrils of rain and sweat from his face. “The river, my lord, it’s flooded deep. We’d be crazy to cross here.” Emerging from the dark green pavilion amid the Fieran camp, the Warlord Goryth reminded himselfContinue Reading

Chapter 1 Preparations were nearly complete. Ilswythe Castle rested fitfully, anticipating the arrival of hundreds of guests. Kieryn dreaded it. He dreaded the coming of spring every year. The crowds and the noise, the politics and the smiling façade he was expected to wear, made him wish he were anContinue Reading

39 Astradis The stink of the brown waters assaulted my nose. Reeds decayed in mirror-still shallows, and the tattered carcass of a fen ray bobbed under the greedy attention of a crow. Vapors oozed from the spongy earth. As the sun descended, they chilled and thickened into mist. Perched uponContinue Reading

Shackled ankle and wrist, the creature barely breathed. He drooped like a wet blanket between the two turnkeys. Pasty pale orange skin drew taut over long limb bones. If the creature could stand on his own, he might top seven feet. A pair of black horns spiraled another three feetContinue Reading

(First published by A Fly In Amber, November 2009, here reprinted in full. None of the text may be copied or reproduced without written permission of the author.) At the foot of the wall, Nia dug for clams. The smooth gray jewels burrowed away from her probing toes. She scoopedContinue Reading