Blurb: In this tale of lost faith and redemption, an outbreak of restless spirits threatens the safety of the bog-dwellers. Imaen, a disillusioned priestess, is forced to accompany her mentor into the icy swamps to learn why the spirits walk and to help put them to rest again. But whenContinue Reading

Blurb: When Mother Mirrah becomes the new warden of the New Hope prison for extraplanar delinquents, she meets Derinzan, a half-human creature whom she is convinced has been wrongly imprisoned for over a century. Is her struggle to free him a just one, or has she made a grave errorContinue Reading

(Here presented in its entirety. First published in the November 2009 issue of A Fly In Amber, an ezine sadly long-gone. All content under copyright by Court Ellyn.) At the foot of the wall, Nia dug for clams. The smooth gray jewels burrowed away from her probing toes. She scoopedContinue Reading