Cate Crenshaw’s Diary: November 9 My brother is acting weird. He didn’t eat dinner even though Grandma made tacos. Tacos is his favorite cuz it’s beef instead of rabbit. Cody hates rabbit and we eat rabbit most nights. He just sat at the table looking all sick, like he wasContinue Reading

Now that it’s over, Jaelyn Pierce doesn’t remember what it was for. Word came yesterday. After twenty years of global war, accord. The word sounds like the punchline of a bad joke. Jaelyn has spent her best years aiming down the scope of an assault rifle, seeing red. For what?Continue Reading

The cold fists of the floodwaters tugged at Angharad’s skirts. Twigs, leaves, and hawthorn petals gathered in swirling eddies. Her toes deep in the mud of a still pool, Angharad realized one of her shoes was missing. Her hands shook. She couldn’t make them stop. Her fingers held the memoryContinue Reading